Thank you for visiting our about us page.  In our fast paced world, we really appreciate you taking a moment to learn about our agency!

It is really amazing how sometimes, paths were meant to cross.    I am a believer in that, in many ways, and things happen for a reason.  I didn’t feel too much like that when in 2012 the agency I was working for was taken over by another organization.  I had been there for well over 20 years at the time, but I didn’t for a moment fall into the “I’m safe” school of thought after hearing about the merger.  It’s a good thing, I was laid off, pretty much immediately after the deal went thru (many people were).  Suddenly unemployed after working in the same company for 20+ years,  I headed out on my next adventure.  After all those years working in many positions within an agency, management, IT, developing process, and gaining experience every day,  I really wanted to help other agents. I became a consultant.  I really enjoyed helping out those people that were trying to find their way and be successful in their agencies.  After doing that for awhile, I was lucky enough to meet some great agents.   Our paths all took another twist of fate when we each found ourselves wanting new direction at the same time.   We enjoyed working with each other so much in previous positions that we decided to make that a permanent arrangement.  PNW Insurance Group, LLC was born.  I really think our paths were meant to cross as I have spent my insurance career up in Snohomish County, as you may have noticed our agency locations are in Puyallup & Ferndale!  If I hadn’t been laid off, gone into consulting and been lucky enough to meet these great agents, who knows what I’d been doing now.  So – I am very grateful for the twist of fate that allowed us all to meet.  It is a bit of drive for me to be with our team as we are now spread out a bit more, but it is worth it.  We are cautious about our growth as time moves forward.  Partnering with other agents who share the same visions and mission for their client needs is of utmost importance to us all.  When we meet one of those individuals we are happy to expand our agency family and let them in!

In summary, Who we are;

We are fortunate.  Fortunate that our insurance paths all crossed allowing us to meet.

We are grateful.  Grateful for our wonderful families, our communities and our clients.

We are lucky. Lucky that after meeting a few years ago, we were able to form a business model that we all get to work together, help each other and most importantly, help our clients.

We invite you to visit our staff bios pages to get to know each member a little better.

Thank you for learning a little more about us!

Be Safe,
Michelle Hancock