Thank you for visiting our about us page.  In our fast paced world, we really appreciate you taking a moment to learn about our agency!

It is really amazing how sometimes, paths were meant to cross. In 2012 new doors opened for me as others closed. Suddenly unemployed after working in the same agency for 20+ years,  I headed out on my next adventure.  All of those years working in a variety of positions as I grew and was promoted in the agency, what I gained most of all was experience.  I came away from it realizing a passion of mine is helping others on their journey.  I went into consulting for independent agencies.  I met some great people along the way and our paths took a wonderful twist together! PNW Insurance Group, LLC was born.

My role is to support the team in their drive and desire to service their clients and community. We are an independent agency and proud of that fact, and look forward to helping clients by creating a trusted role for your insurance needs. Additionally, if you are looking for a different career opportunity, maybe we can help you!

We are looking form relationships with those around us, earn their trust and develop partnerships. In summary;

Who we are; We are fortunate. Fortunate that our insurance paths all crossed allowing us to meet.
We are grateful. Grateful for our wonderful families, our communities and our clients.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a bit about our story. We love to hear the stories of those around us as well – feel free to reach out and share, how can we help you?

Be Safe,
Michelle Hancock, Owner and the entire PNW Team!