We’ve put together some information to help you in creating a documentation kit for your homeowners insurance.  While we all  hope we are never put in the situation to need it, we hope you’ll take some time to prepare for the “just in case…”

Here is some helpful information: https://www.iii.org/article/how-create-home-inventory

We have an app for the agency and in it are some great tools with more coming. It will soon integrate and provide you information with your policies.  Right now, you can enter the info in it.  You can also take photos around your home and store them in the app.  To download the app, just visit the app store for your device and search; Insurance Agent App and look for the Blue I icon!

You can take photos and videos and load them onto a usb drive and store that in a safe offsite location such as a safe deposit box.  Would you like us to send you a free usb drive to help out, please just call or email and we’ll be happy to do that!

We invite you to call us and we’ll be happy to walk you thru the process or assist in any way we can.

Suffering a loss in your home is very traumatic, we’d like to help make sure the claims process goes as smoothly and fairly as possible. We strongly encourage you to follow these tips!

Practicing loss prevention is a great way to help protect your belongings as well.  No matter how smooth the claims process goes, and our companies are really good at it, it still takes time to go thru the process. Practicing loss prevention is a great way to minimize risk!
Some ideas;
Visit our facebook page, we often post tips for loss prevention there
Install a home monitoring system in your home – there are many out on the market these days, full monitored by services to small devices in your home that can alert you to the presence of water, temperature fluctuations, smoke alarms going off, and more.  Check out our blog for more!