PNW Insurance Group is happy to introduce 

an exclusive discount offer for our clients on additional home protection. 

What is “Notion”? Why do you care? Why do you need it? 
You may ask those questions, so let me cut to the chase and answer those, then we’ll move to a big broader of an explanation…

Notion is a complete home monitoring solution powered by a multi-purpose IoT (Internet of Things) smart home sensor, controlled by an app on your mobile device.

You care because it helps protect “lives” and “things” you love the most.  What is in your home? Generally humans, pets and things that mean an awful lot to you…if there were an inexpensive additional layer of protection and information you could get about your home, especially when you aren’t in it, why wouldn’t you want that?

You need it because it can send alerts to your mobile device (and others on your account) to let you know if “events” happen in your home, you choose the events you want to be notified about.  Some examples that I use in my home;

Smoke Alarm Notification – With both pets and heavy sleepers in my house when I’m not there – yes, I want to know if my smoke alarm goes off for sure.

Water Leak Detection – See my blog on this, but suffice to say – if water appears in my house where no water should be – yes, I want to know that too.

These are two of the biggest reasons I use the system but not the only ones.  This system will alert you to many things going on in your home.

Oh and another bit of good news could come your way by installing and utilizing the Notion kit, PNW customers may also receive a Smart Home discount on their home insurance policy, helping reduce their premiums.  Please contact us to see if your policy is eligible.

To read my personal story of Notion – please click here and read our blog!  It is my true story…….

The installation of Notion smart home sensors will allow clients to prevent in-home incidents, like water leaks and other costly insurance claims, before they create significant damage to the home.

“More than sixty-five percent of all homeowner insurance claims are a result of a catastrophic event that insurance companies then need to handle after the damage is already done,” says Brett Jurgens, CEO of Notion. “Using a fully-integrated connected home offering through Notion, PNW customers will prevent disastrous events from destroying their home, saving them money, time and allowing for a better relationship with their insurance provider.”

Notion’s affordable and easy-to-install Smart Home Starter Kit packs multiple capabilities into a single device. Each sensor is identical, yet multi-purpose, offering a homeowner the flexibility to monitor and receive instant alerts on things happening across their entire home—from motion and temperature changes to water leaks and sounding alarms.

Our clients will receive everything they need right out of the box, including their welcome booklet and the Notion Smart Home Starter Kit. By proactively leveraging Notion for home alerts, policyholders can reduce or eliminate damage from claims.

Since its public launch in 2016, Notion has delivered more than nine million peace-of-mind messages to homeowners and has helped them save more than $1 million in property damages in the last year alone.
More About Notion

Notion is the complete home monitoring solution, powered by an all-in-one smart home sensor, that sends alerts to a homeowner’s mobile device for the things they care about most — water leaks, smoke alarms, temperature changes and doors, garages and windows opening and closing. Notion is more than home security. Notion delivers real-time peace of mind.

PNW Clients please click here to send a request for our discount code then visit to purchase the unit!