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Veterinarians, Pet Stores, Kennels, Mobile Groomers – Is your Business insurance adequate?

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Your business has some unique coverage needs and we are here to help you understand them and how you can better protect yourself!

Our pet business policies offer:

  • Professional Liability included in your business policy instead of a separate policy, rating is often better as well!
  • Boarding Kennel Endorsements covering animals in your care, custody and control
  • Mobile Operations Coverage (with some great extra features designed specifically for this industry)
  • Cyber Insurance is crucial for every business, we can show you how to better protect your business in the digital age
  • Our suite of available products for the pet related industry has been chosen from our carriers who have designed products with the protection of these businesses in mind.

    Pet Business Insurance Scenarios

    Scenario #1

    The future’s so bright, I’m going to eat shades.

    Two-year-old Coal is an exuberant, curious black lab. When his humans go out of town for a weeklong vacation, they bring Coal to a boutique pet hotel. On the first afternoon of his stay, his curiosity leads him to snack on a staff member’s sunglasses. Coal immediately regrets his decision but surgery is required.

    The pet business insurance coverage (depending on the policy of course)

    Boarding Kennel Endorsement is automatically included for Pet Grooming and Pet Day Care and Overnight Boarding services. Coverage includes injury to dogs, cats or other domesticated animals in the care, custody or control of the policyholder within the General Liability limit. This endorsement is available to other Pet Care Services businesses as an optional coverage.

    Scenario #2

    Frankie the dachshund is a timid “only child” in a quiet household with a full-time work-at-home parent. Her days of happily napping underneath the office desk while Dad works come to an end when Dad’s job changes. Frankie is enrolled in the neighborhood doggie day care, which can be a noisy place. After spending an anxious morning pacing and panting by the entrance gate, Frankie slips out when an employee leaves the gate slightly ajar. It’s been three weeks and she is still missing. Frankie’s parents are utterly devastated.

    The pet business insurance coverage (depending on the policy of course)

    Travelers’ Animal Floater covers accidental injury, death, damage, theft or escape of animals belonging to others that are in your care, custody or control, and on your premises for examination, treatment, grooming, boarding or breeding, or while in transit.

    Some other examples:
    Fire Damages Specifically equipped Mobile Vet Unit that provides services on the go Mobile Operations Vehicle Endorsement provides coverage for actual loss of business income sustained due to the necessary suspension of mobile operations due to a covered loss.

    Power Outage causes spoilage of refrigerated medications and vaccinations Endorsement offers spoilage coverage within the blanket limit up to $250,000, often times higher limits can be purchased.

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