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C'mon We know you don't love talking about insurance!  We hope to change that just a little bit! Our Goal: Make Insurance Fun Again  - oh wait, no one ever said that. Ok, maybe not fun but at least pleasant and worth your time. We hope to provide you solid education about your options enabling you to make informed choices. We'll do our best to find you insurance protection and competitive pricing. Plus, you'll get to meet some of our great team along the way!

However, if you are looking for "cheapest" that is probably not us.

We believe in learning your story and discussing your needs, and helping guide you along the journey. 

Solid Insurance Carriers? Yes! Help when you need it? Yes!

Cheapest? No.

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We're Insurance Nerds. We live for this.

You probably don't spend your time immersed in the world of insurance. We do. You probably want someone you can trust to hear your concerns and help you through the process. We can do that. Click here to learn more about us.

We know you have options, and we work hard to make the process as easy for you as possible.

Personal Insurance

At PNW Insurance Group we help individuals and families worry less about their insurance protection.

Life Insurance

Auto Insurance

Home Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Whether you have a large business or small business, having the proper business insurance coverage is vital. We'll audit your current insurance policies to ensure that you are always protected.

Giving Back Campaign

Did you know each time you send a referral our way we donate 10.00 to charity?
And that is just for them reaching to let us take a look,
doesn't matter if we write the policy or not - 10.00 to charity!

Why PNW Insurance?

We are local and right here in Puyallup serving Washington State and the greater Pacific Northwest. We are also an independent insurance agency, allowing us to shop for you with your best interests in mind. Your PNW Insurance nerds are here to help!

  • Fast Quoting

    We know time is always of the essence which is why we work efficiently to service each client.

  • Personal Service

    Each client has a different risk profile, and thus, gets personalized attention & customer service.

  • Claims Advocacy

    Insurance is meant to protect us and we're here when you need us the most - at the time of a claim.

Our process is simple.

Start your quote online and we'll reach out to complete your coverage comparison.

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