70+ Year Old Family Pictures Saved & Huge Water Damage Avoided! Thanks to Notion!

House Flood
It started over our pets being home alone…… Ever leave your pets home alone?  Worry about irreplaceable items being destroyed? I do. Our family pets are often home alone.  As many of you probably feel, our pets are definitely considered family members (and pampered and spoiled ones) at our house.  I had recently become more acutely aware of the dangers of them being home alone and wondering what I could do to help better protect them. Around that same time,  A product called “Notion” was being featured by Travelers Insurance, it is a home monitoring system.  Allowing users to be…

Independent Insurance FAQs

independent insurance faqs

While it is generally understood that insurance is a necessity in life, there are some specific and important insurance topics that are not generally understood. This post will discuss some frequently asked questions regarding one of those topics: independent insurance.…

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