Welcome to the Pets of PNW!

Welcome! We'd love to have you meet some of our friends here at PNW.  You see, we are HUGE animal lovers - so we are always excited to have pet photos to share! Some belong to our team members, some to clients, and some to visitors that come to see us!


Would you like to see your pet in our Pets of PNW gallery?  We'd love to feature your furry (or maybe even scaly or feathery?) friend!  Just email your photos and a little about your friend to us! Click here to send us your pet friend for an upcoming feature!  Feel free to email your pet and his/her story to us!

This month's Pet Feature is:

We have many clients who share their lives with furry and lovable family members! These wonderful pets belong to our clients Jamie and Ben Penrod!

You'll find Hunter (the golden retriever) in the driver seat whenever she has the opportunity! She loves to play fetch and swim
Sophie is the Shih Tzu with Hunter. She is a great co-pilot! She's the oldest of our bunch and still loves to play and go on walks.
Tucker is our rescue dog. His happy place is looking for chippy (our resident chipmunk) or chasing squirrels and birds! He LOVES anything squishy! That's why the pillow is perfect!
Roy is our 21 pound cat! He loves to play fetch too!!
Thanks for sharing your cute pets with us Jamie!


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