Welcome! We'd love to have you meet some of our friends here at PNW.  You see, we are HUGE animal lovers - so we are always excited to have pet photos to share! Some belong to our team members, some to clients and some to visitors that come to see us!

Would you like to see your pet in our Pets of PNW gallery?  We'd love to feature your furry (or maybe even scaly or feathery?) friend!  Just email  your photos and a little about your friend to us! Click here to send us your pet friend for an upcoming feature!  Feel free to email your pet and his/her story to us!

We are so lucky to have many great people we get to work with at our partnership carriers. One such example is Todd Williams  of Safeco Insurance.  As we often get to talking about pets around the office, we were happy to learn about The Williams' Family Pets - Penny and Asa and thought we'd share them with you!!

Here are some of Todd's own words about his furry friends....

Asa:  Just had his 4th birthday May 31st!   Black Lab who was supposed to be 55-60 lbs tops and weights in at a lean & healthy 88 lbs.  By far the largest in his litter and his lab instincts to steal food off the counter or out of the garbage (pretty much eat everything in sight) do not disappoint.  Whether it’s a loaf of bread, entire sheet cake, entire Costco pizza, or even a bowl of salad or fruit…….you can bet he’ll get it if you turn your back. His favorite activities are of course walks, visits to the dog park, and retrieving at the lake or ocean including playing in the surf!   He simply won’t stop and we have to hide the tennis ball & give him water breaks or he’d go on for hours.   At home he loves playing and cuddling with his sister, Penny the Pug, and his family are a close second on the list.


Penny:  Just had her 1st birthday May 30th!   Asa’s sister, and she looks up to him.   She’ll often follow him around and try to act like a lab, searching for any scraps left behind from Asa or trying to chase after a bunny bigger than her.  She does have a little smaller dog complex and has zero fear of dogs bigger than her, probably expecting Asa to have her back, even though Asa is a coward and submissive to pretty much any dog regardless of size.   Penny’s favorite activities are walks, visiting the dog park, or sleeping on our laps or at night with Maryn who received Penny as a 12th birthday present.  She also loves playing tug of war with Asa and of course has gotten accustomed to consistently losing and occasionally lifting off the ground a bit since she weights about 17 lbs soaking wet.  She loves her treats of course and might actually be a better land retriever than Asa.  She learns quickly and one of her signature moves is running circles when it’s breakfast or dinner time.  Her first trip to the ocean this July surprised all of us when she also played in the waves.


Thanks so much for sharing Penny the Pug and Asa with us!

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