When we think about what drives us to do what we do with the level of compassion and care in which we do it – you have to come back to this question – Why?

Most people don’t even want to buy what we are selling, they recognize that they “have” to, but it's pretty rare that a person gets excited about “going to buy an insurance policy today”! So, even if we knew we wanted to go into sales, why would we choose to sell something most people don’t even want? For our agency, many of us didn’t always know we wanted to get into insurance. However, once we were exposed to the world of insurance,  a connection and passion developed.

Our “Why” - Being Kind

An uncovered loss or not having the coverage you thought you had is a devastating experience. You’ve likely heard those stories from friends, family or the news. Hopefully, you haven’t personally experienced it. We believe that in some cases, the consumer didn’t know what they were buying or perhaps, were led astray by people just wanting to close a sale (and give insurance agents a bad name) or in some cases they refused a coverage or a recommendation thinking they were just being “sold” and they didn’t believe they needed the coverage.

With Kindness and Compassion, we believe we can help.

Helping people with the buying process and education of what they are buying is our driving force, whether they are buying from us or not.

Being compassionate in understanding the needs of a family, what do they need to protect and how can we help them do that.

Our culture, our driving force;

Be Kind - With kindness in our hearts


We educate

We build relationships

We take care of those around us


We are exceptionally grateful for the paths in our lives that brought us here and for all the people that we have enjoyed helping over the years and the continued opportunity to help more.

Being kind in all that we do because it's the right thing to do.
Kindness and compassion for our clients, coworkers, our community and the world around us.
Good times and bad, be there - be kind consider the human spirit and all that we do those around us deserve nothing less

Be Kind.

PNW Insurance Group - Fueled by Kindness and Compassion

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