So back in March of 2020, when over night the world had to do business a new way - we went home.   Work from home that is!  We were fortunate enough to be able to continue to serve the needs of our clients throughout the whole transition and ongoing pandemic.  One thing that was really concerning was how would we keep everyone in touch, and get to know new team members and keep interaction strong.  So - Monday Check In was born!  Each Monday we take a little time out of our busy day to hop on zoom and share!  The team uploads pictures from thier phones to our internal communication system where we each talk about what the pic is and what we did over the weekend. In trying to find the silver lining in some of the darkest times our world has seen, this is a real bright spot. The opportunity to get to know each other and share in this way is very likely greater than what we would have done if we are all just in the office each day. I've so enjoyed these check ins and now we share some of those pictures with you. If you are a current client or just stalking us online to see if you want to reach out - this is us, for real.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do! ~Michelle Hancock  (Founder)

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