Pet Insurance Comparison

Maybe you've heard the same things we used to hear... "It's so expensive" "What does it even cover?" "Is it even worth it?" This helpful pet insurance comparison chart will help with all those questions! If you want more information or get a quote please visit our Pet Insurance Quote page or Contact Us.

Coverage and Pricing

Feature Nationwide Insurance AKC (Pet Partners, Inc.)
Plan Name Whole Pet with Wellness Companion Plus
Wellness rider premium Wellness included in plan DefenderPlus:$25.00
Additional rider premium(s) for total coverage comparable to Nationwide Whole Pet with Wellness N/A ExamCare:$9.63 HeredityPlus:$6.02 SupportPlus$2.00
Total monthly premium Based on 1-yr-old Labrador retriever in Livermore, CA (94550) $92.95 (including $2.00 monthly transaction fee) $113.17 (including $3.00 monthly transaction fee)
Deductible $250 annual $250 annual
Co-pay 10% 10%

Sample Reimbursements

Four events shown by four claims examples

Health Event Nationwide Insurance AKC (Pet Partners, Inc.)
Pancreatitis - Bill amount $907.88 Paid $592.09 Paid $592.09
Lacerations - Bill amount $363.27 Paid $325.50 Paid $325.50
Ear infection - Bill amount $193.62 Paid $174.26 Paid $174.26
Wellness/Routine Care - Bill amount $800.48 Paid $719.31 Paid $247.54

Key Plan Details

Feature Nationwide Insurance AKC (Pet Partners, Inc.)
Use any veterinarian, emergency clinic or specialist Yes Yes
Exams Yes Purchase of Exam Care rider required for coverage.
Wellness coverage Yes Purchase of Wellness rider required for coverage.
Accidents and illnesses, including hospitalizations and surgeries Yes Yes There is a fourteen (14) day Waiting Per pet before We will cover an Illness, except for IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) where there is a 180-day Waiting Period. There is a two (2) day Waiting Period per Pet before We will cover an Accident, except for cruciate ligament related condition where there is a 180- day Waiting Period.
Chronic and ongoing diseases (example: allergies) Yes Yes
Cancer Yes Yes
Dental surgeries and diseases Yes Limited
Prescription medications Yes Yes
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