7 Tips to Help Prevent Water Damage To Your Home!

  1. Clean your gutters frequently – Overflow and backup from gutters is a very common cause of water damage.  Clearing gutters after storms will help minimize this issue as well. 
  2. Push rain runoff away from the foundation – This can help prevent it from migrating into your home
  3. Maintain your sump pump – If water does get into crawl spaces or lower areas of home, these devices can trigger and pump the water out
  4. Inspect your home for water leaks – Look up! Be sure to walk thru your home and check your ceilings frequently for signs that water is coming in or migrating from an upper level of home. Catching these things early can help tremendously! 
  5. Take a close look at your roof – Moss buildup can easily lead to damage and leaks. It will affect water run off and can deteriorate  roof itself, thus allowing water in
  6. Install a smart water main shutoff valve – If something goes wrong, such as a hot water tank pressure valve failure, getting to a shut off as quick as possible is key!
  7. Install smart water sensors – these fantastic devices, such at Notion (getnotion.com) can be very easily installed behind sinks, by water heater, near dishwasher or washing machine to alert you to your smart phone of presence of water!

Man walking in rain with umbrella

And Don’t forget : Ask an insurance agent (hopefully us) about additional (generally very inexpensive) water damage coverage now available for many home policies!

Just in Case!

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by – Now STAY DRY!

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