Shocked by your new insurance premiums?

Wondering what happened?

The Washington State Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler has issued an emergency rule that prohibits insurance companies from considering credit information in.

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Now is the time for independent agents to shine more than ever. And, we were already pretty cool if you ask us.

Ability to shop for you! Providing you mulitple, top rated company, quotes - at once. 

We want to help you understand what you are buying - what you need and maybe don't need. 

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How does the removal of credit score affect my insurance? 

Washingtonians enjoy the 3rd highest average credit scores in the nation which means its likely that you have a better than average score. As an independent agent, we can offer choice. If you are with a captive insurance carrier, you don't have choice. Captive insurance carriers, such as State farm and Farmers, only have access to one primary market. PNW Insurance, on the other hand, has many top rated companies that we can offer you. Choose an independent agent and let us help you choose your insurance carrier. Want to know more on the ruling?  Click here to learn more. 


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