Wildfire Insurance – How does your Home Insurance company stack up?

With recent summer temperatures in Washington and Oregon exceeding 100 degrees and wildfire season rapidly approaching you may be wondering – Does my home insurance cover my home if it burns down or is damaged by a wildfire? Thankfully, the answer is generally yes, but wouldn’t you rather not have your home burn down at all?

Not All Home Insurance Companies Treat Wildfires the Same

The truth is that when it comes to wildfires, not all home insurance companies are created equal. A small group of select insurance companies actually utilize a service called the Wildfire Defense System (WDS). WDS is a private company that uses state of the art wildfire tracking and defense techniques to protect homes and businesses in the event of a wildfire.

If your insurance company has chosen to contract with WDS, they are able to provide the following services to you:

  • Deploying professional firefighters to your home.
  • Helping you prepare for evacuation.
  • Arranging for temporary living accommodations.
  • Setting up a perimeter sprinkler system.
  • Spraying your home and surrounding property with a fire preventing heat absorbing Class A fire-blocking gel. (an ecologically safe 98% water solution).

wildfire threatening home

Choose a Home Insurance Company That Utilizes WDS

So, instead of having to spend a year or more rebuilding your home due to a wildfire, you can move back into it once the danger has passed. The best part? Your insurance company pays for all of it at no cost to you! If you are insured with the right company that is.

Home Insurance from PNW Insurance Group Can Help

Fortunately, PNW Insurance Group currently works with three of these forward-thinking insurance carriers that contract with WDS. If you are concerned about wildfires or brush fires in your area, please feel free to give us a call for a quote or to find out if your home insurance company provides this invaluable service.

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