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Lawsuits filed by employees against their employers are on the rise. And although most lawsuits are filed against large corporations, small businesses are at risk as well. To help small businesses alleviate and protect themselves from these types of risk, some insurers provide insurance coverage as an endorsement on a Business Owners Policy (BOP).

PNW Insurance highly recommends EPLI for all types of businesses. Small businesses and large businesses alike can benefit from EPL insurance. Get an EPLI quote today or give us a call at (253) 527-6261.

What is EPLI?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides coverage for legal defense costs and damages related to various types of employment-related claims. The most frequent claims covered under these policies include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

With EPLI, your insurance company will reimburse your business for the costs of defending a lawsuit in court as well as coverages for judgments and settlements, regardless of whether or not your company wins or loses the suit.

What does EPLI cover?

EPLI can cover and protect your business from many different types of claims. Some employment-related claims you’ll want to make sure your EPLI policy helps protect against include:

  • Retaliation
  • Defamation
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Wrongful demotion or discipline
  • Wrongful failure to promote

This is not an all-inclusive list so if there are other potential hazards you worried about, reach out to our team of insurance experts to learn more about building an EPLI policy that is right for your business.

What does EPLI NOT cover?

While EPL insurance policies do a great job of providing protection, there are some limitations as well. These limitations of what Employment Practices Liability Insurance does not cover include

  • Penalties and fines
  • Bodily injury claims
  • Property damage
  • Other claims – There are many other types of claims excluded from being covered by EPLI which include: the use of social media, unemployment benefits, Workers’ Compensation, The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act (COBRA), The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN), The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or comparable state wage and hour laws.

How much does EPLI cost?

The cost of EPLI coverage depends on your type of business, the number of employees you have and various risk factors such as whether your company has been sued for employment practices in the past.

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Employment related claims impact organizations of every size, in every industry and can disrupt businesses, hurt employee morale, damage reputations and cost businesses financially before ever stepping inside a courtroom.

We understand you may be concerned about the specifics of your business and the insurance policy it is carrying. So, while we are based in Puyallup, we are happy to share that we also serve clients all across Washington state in cities like Ferndale, Monroe, Tacoma and yes even Spokane! Get your online quote today!

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