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Jake Walker


Jake and Ali Walker

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Jake Walker
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My passion as an agent is to help families ensure they are protected when life happens. As an independent agent, I can find them the coverages that are best suited to their lifestyle while keeping competitive pricing. I’m a lifelong member of the Monroe community, and I take pride in being the trusted insurance advisor and friend of hundreds of families in the Pacific Northwest. It would be an honor to serve your family.


A Little More About Me:

Though I started my career in the software space, I made the transition to the insurance industry and boy, I have never loved my work so much! As an independent broker, I have the ability to be the champion for the families that I serve, ensuring they are properly covered when life happens while also finding them the most bang for their buck. I love what I do, because every insurance policy I provide means that another family is protected when disaster strikes.


When I’m not at work, I enjoy golfing, camping, spending time with family, serving in local government and I am a crazy, crazy coffee enthusiast. I also love spending time with our pets. We have a greyhound Chief that we rescued in August of 2019 and two cats: Marsha and Moe. I am also married to the love of my life, Ali. I was born, raised, and am now starting my family in our hometown of Monroe, Washington.


Thanks again for learning more about me and I look forward to working together soon!

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